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Car pulling to the side when braking


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I've noticed lately on my 2005 Lesabre, when hitting the brakes with "medium" pressure the car will feel like it's pulling to one side or the other. When I lightly use the brakes, or hit them hard, it doesn't do it. I hope I'm describing this correctly, has anybody else had this issue?

Thanks for any help!


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2001 Lesabre
I just replaced both front lower control arms on one of our route Lesabres as the bushings are not serviceable to my knowledge and they come with lower ball joints, it will cause the car to pull under braking as mentioned above. It got so bad with a assistant lightly moving forward and hitting the brakes I could see excessive play "shift" at the wheel. Very easy swap and to check with the tire off the ground. Also check tire pressures, a caliper piston not retracting fully "sticking" will also cause pulling under braking, I use a infrared temp gun to compare rotor temps as the bad caliper will have much higher temps, any bluing of the rotor may indicate a dragging brake pads/caliper as well, simply jacking up both sides of the front "safely" transmission in neutral you can compare by rotating both tires individually, both should rotate freely, any drag should be investigated further. Please post your findings
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