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Car randomly sputtering and dying


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Roadmaster Estate (1996)
Okay guys! Figured it out! Turns out it was a bad Opti! No water pump leaking caused it this time, but the bearings inside the Opti itself would break loose and cause her to go out, which this is why my car would be fine, and would die after I goosed it a bit from idle, according to the mechanic.

She runs fine now. She’s got pretty much everything new, too. And just for peace of mind I had mechanic replace water pump while he was at it (as I know that’s what causes 9/10 opti failures)

Also excuse the partial wetness of the fender in the photo below. I had washed the area I applied the decal. (Gonna put a couple of my go-to brands on the car to hopefully get free stuff before I paint her up)FC0296D6-297B-41CF-B155-2944081CA758.jpeg7AB7064E-8561-4141-ADC5-252630BB543B.jpeg
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