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Cargo Liner /Tray


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Fellow TourX owners...FWIW, I emailed Canvasback who makes the mat seen below and linked here asking them to make a liner for us. I requested that they allow cutouts for the cargo rails and an extra flap that could be unfolded as a bumper guard to avoid scratches while loading cargo, dogs, etc. If you're interested in this, I'd also suggest hitting their contact us and making a similar request. My '07 RDX had a similar mat (OEM accessory) and it served me well for 12 years.



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Tasty......... how much did the front grille set you back? If I rebadge it's going Vauxhall - the Opel logo isn't distinctive enough from anything else US.
The grille & associated parts (the chrome grille surround isn't shown) came to about $600 for the parts and maybe another $150 for shipping. The large griffin badge in the upper left (under the grille assy.) is the one I modified to replace the existing Buick badge on the 'normal' grille, about $150 for parts.


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not yet
I'll add that I got the interior protection package from Buick, and while the front and rear seat floor liners are plastic and provide good protection, I was disappointed when I saw the trunk liner is really just a sturdy carpeted mat.
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Is the driver side panel / cover available? I would like to build something that fits this space but this is exactly what I need.


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So according to Opel, the trunk liner is reversible.

Opel Insignia B Cargo Compartment Accessories

It took some effort to fold over the edges and its not perfect. Maybe it will settle over time.

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mind = blown about the reversible mat, my mat came in earlier this week just as I was getting ready to move a ton of furniture. Put it in carpet side up and all I could think while sliding stuff in was ‘would be so much easier with a rubber mat, why didn’t I order that one.’
Then I saw this thread and ran out to try it, whaddya know 0D2BC7CB-945D-4EED-B60E-58F4E9BAF8F9.jpeg
Get your turbo buick badge right here!