catalytic converter bad....again.


I own a 2010 Lacrosse CXS with the 3.6L. I bought it used with about 6000 miles on it, and I have about 26000 on it now. I've had a couple issues with the car, but nothing too bad....had the stereo replaced due to the GPS issue. Had a seat track replaced. When I first got the car, the check engine light came on, and the dealer mechanic guy told me that I had a bad oxygen they replaced it. Then, a few weeks later, the check engine light came back on....I was told the catalytic converter was they replaced it. They thought maybe the bad sensor contributed to the converter going bad. This happened about 2 years ago. Yesterday morning, the check engine light was back...brought the car to the dealer, and was told that I need another catalytic converter. I asked if it was the same one, but they didn't know. I use only top tier fuel, and I run premium all the time. Any thoughts on this? I am still under warranty (thankfully)...but I sure would hate to have to pay for one of these things...:eek:
I have a 2012 LaCrosse and yesterday the same thing happened to the left side converter. They replaced the right one only a two months ago. Luckily, they were still under warranty.
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