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Hello all!
I have a 2011 Regal and I'm trying to figure out the best way to mount my iPhone X. The layout of the dash is not mount-friendly. Surely someone has figured something out about this.
Would anyone care to share how they have done it?
Pics and type of mount used are what I'm looking for.
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I tried a gooseneck mount that plugged into the cigarette lighter plug, but didn't like the holder with it, then switched to this WizGear magnetic mount. With the phone on it, I cant see a few of the buttons, like Favs and defrost, but it works well. I keep the phone charging with a 6" USB cord when I'm doing Lyft and Uber. The magnetic mount hold well, even with aggressive driving.
Closeup of base.jpg Wide shot 1.jpg Wide shot 2.jpg
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I use the Spigen magnet airvent mount. It just slides into the vent (causes no damage). You then stick a very thin magnet to the back of your phone and it just snaps onto the mount when you are in the car. Easily removable. Leaves no lasting marks on the car which is what I wanted.

The magnet on my phone is maybe half the thickness of a quarter, so I barely notice it other than seeing a circular magnet on my phone, which I don't care much about.

Spigen Kuel® A200 Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount
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