Changes in TourX between models and when built? Did someone get a base model?

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I wondered if GM/Opel changed vehicle content in 18 model year run?
Seems they at least changed software for some digital systems.
Do all models have rear power outlet that is on all the time, and same adjustable tie-downs in cargo area?
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2018 TourX
Here is a base model.

Looks like no power outlet or adjustable cargo tie-downs in the cargo area.

In addition:
  • Different cluster than even the V1 and V2 clusters from the Preferred/Essence models
  • Different Infotainment unit without a seamless look.
  • Infotainment has a different UI than V1 or V2 from Preferred/Essence models.
  • No dual climate controls with temp display
  • 'Textured' accents instead of 'wood'
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