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I've been searching the web, but haven't hit the yards as of yet to find replacement chrome body trim. No luck. Oh, that's not completely true. I've found one rear corner trim someone was asking $85.00 for. Too rich for my pocket at this point. This car was a gift from my wife that she purchased from a neighbor that was moving and wanted to sell one of the Estate Wagon her late husband owned. My wife bought for me as a work vehicle to reduce the mileage on my pickup. The wagon sat for many years and needed TLC. So, I plunked about $6000.00 into it on bringing it up to snuff at the Buick Dealership. I know, dope. I don't know anyone well enough to say I trust whole heartedly, so damned if I do or damned if I don't. So, I bit the bullet. Plugs, wires, water pump, radiator flushed and pressure tested, exhaust system, Windows fixed, headliner replaced, brakes, belts, shocks, air ride bags system, etc., etc. Except for the tires, until just recently.

I have to say, this beast is no slouch. She takes off smooth and I swear she'll give a HEMI a run for the money. The first time I went around a traffic circle, I thought I was drafting out of my lane. She is a boat after all. I've grown to love this car, so little by little I try to restore it.

Right know I'm having the transmission over hauled with 129,000+ miles on it, it was hesitating into reverse with slight bang. I'm very eager to feel the change in performance.

So, I had the original tires that were on the car and had to take the turnpike, at 75+ mph I would feel a slight shimmy. Lower speeds no noticeable issues, so I figured after I had New tires and alignment I'd be set. NO! Now I got vibration, while moderate at 40+mph. What the frigg. I like to smack people when they treat you like you don't have a clue. The mechanicthat who installed the tires tries to tell me he doesn't feel the vibration and that's how these older cars ride. POS!
I don't know what would cause the Low speed vibration all of sudden after New tires, ruled out broken belts by front to back swapping. The mechanic said the Steering Damping Shock is beat, so it really shouldn't be that because it must have been beat before hand. But I am looking for that part, which no one seems to have a clue on how to identify or find a replacement part for. The transmission shop is going to replace both universal joints while the transmission is out. My hands are in the air on this issue...uhg.

Anyway... if you happen to know where I can score body molding parts, that would be a plus.

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As far as the steering damper, I've had bad ones cause wheel shimmy (on trucks) before. I wouldn't rule it out.

RockAuto shows a "strut" (MONROE 94002) that looks like a regular front shock (if the pic is even correct) and searching posts I find a Moog P/N SSD77 that looks to be the correct part.
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Not sure what the vibration problem was, can't feel by seat of screen lol, and hopefully they found it but this video covered it and may help you or others.

Here's another one in the series on a few other areas:
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