Chrome window trim removal?

What color should I wrap the chrome trim? My Regal T is that dark blue matalic.

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  • Satin gun metal grey

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  • Copper (if I were to do copper rims)

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Has anyone removed the window trim and are there any tricks and how hard is it? I'm so sick of the ugly chrome and want to wrap my trim in a dark color.


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Well you can plastic dip, vinyl wrap or paint them. All these can be done on the car if you can't be without it for awhile.

You can remove the trim - but if you don't do it correctly and it bends well its a bad day with added expenses. Maybe a local body shop or Buick club member can show you how, it's not hard I've just seen a fair amount of hurried mistakes. There's a bunch of YouTube videos but nothing on the Regal.

With them off you can plastic dip or paint it. I'm having a body shop do mine in a piano black color matching the center black pillars. It's what you can do, like or afford is the decision I guess.


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Dip your car has a great youtube how too. I followed their guidance and plastic-dipped mine black, looks stock not gaudy, but not grand dad's chrome either. see here.

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really nice job on the chrome window trim, but what about the chrome door handles that sort of stick out now? also, those are some nice looking wheels too!
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