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My lenses are no longer clear and not a whole lot of light is getting through. I used a cleaner on them and they looked great for a few months, but faded back to their hazy finish. Do any restoring kits actually last? If not has anyone purchased aftermarket assemblys?

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Fast, temporary method: Buy a can of insect repellant with deet — the higher content, the better. Spray it on a rag (not the headlight lens!) and wipe it ONLY on the foggy lens. Deet removes the soft, weathered layer of plastic, but then the next layer will eventually fog, or yellow.

Searching forums can be very time consuming, so I’ll relay what another member contributed here, several years ago, and it works:

Remove your headlight housings from your car. Wet-sand the lens surface with 600 grit sandpaper, then switch to 1200, then finish with 2000.

Now use a buffing wheel and polish to a high gloss.

To make sure the lights stay clear, before you put them back into the car, coat them with a 50/50 mixture of poly urethane and mineral spirits. Let them dry overnight and reinstall.

I’ve used this method on my Buicks and orher vehicles, and it works great.
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