Clicking lifter cold start?

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1996 Roadmaster LT-1 350, 230,000 cold weather/cold starts I'm getting about a 1 or 2 minute clicking before it goes away...engine is very clean internally from flushing with B-12 at each oil change. Is there any solvent or detergent I could add to my oil to help prevent this lifter clicking?....or is this even a problem?


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One thing that gets employed to address this issue generally, across brands, is adding about a quart of ATF on your next oil change in place of one quart of oil.

This is an AYOR sort of thing since it can free up a lot of sludge that you potentially don't want freed up, but it is known to quiet noisy lifters.

For myself, I wouldn't worry if the thing quiets down on its own after a minute or two.
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