Clicking/Popping noise


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So I purchased my Buick Encore about 6months ago . It’s a 2018. I absolutely love it. But I took it to a routine maintenance about a month ago and when I got my car back the seat had been moved all the way back and all the way down. I never really moved my seat before then. Ever since then, there has been a clicking/popping noise that’s heard in the inside of the cabin of the car. At times it sounds like it is 90% coming from the driver seat. But then sometimes it sounds like it’s coming from the other seats. It is defitenly coming from somewhere low to the ground, not above my head or from a backrest. It’s most prominently heard when braking or accelerating. It doesn’t make a noise when you go over a speed bump. Seems to be more of a linear motion than an up and down motion. Sometimes you can feel a pop in the seat and sometimes you can’t. I’m going nuts. Any ideas???? Thanks.
Took it to the dealer they couldn’t figure it out btw.


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did you drive the vehicle with a dealership employee in the car so that they could hear the noise you are having an issue with?