Code Reader with ABS and Transmission


Buick Ownership
2002 Rendevous
I have my abs and traction control lights on. I understand it is one of my speed sensors or the harness. I just don't know which wheel and the dealer wants $129 just to tell me which wheel it is :(
So I bought a couple of code readers that had abs and transmission functions. Both do not read either. They only read basic OBD codes which I already have. I tried the Launch Creader Vll and the Maxilink. Either one didn't have my 02 listed. Only 4 Buick models but not the Rendezvous.
I already checked each wheel (they are 2 year old hubs which have the sensor built in) and cleaned all terminals and checked all wiring.
Does anyone know which code reader which will help me with my issues? Thanks
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