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Cofee on my LaCrosse!

OK, i got my new LaCrosse CXS YESTERDAY! Today, i decide to go to my office for an hour to drop off some stuff that i need tomorrow, i called in, and decided to maek a day of it, i walked around the city and took some photographs. About 4:30 i decided to go home, i thought id get a coffee at Starbucks before i left, so i parked up on the street where Starbucks is, and i got my coffee, and sat outside with it since they have heaters under the tables.

A woman leaves Starbucks with a HUGE coffee, she started walking along the pavement to where her car was parked (behind mine) she tripped over, coffee went all over my damn Buick!!

I got up and went over, helped her up, and she asked if it was my car, i told her yes, she apologised and offered me some cash to get ti washed, i told her not to worry abot it and helped her to her car. Ive just spent 20 minutes out in the garage washing the car!

All is well now thought :)
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