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Cold Air Intakes?


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Hey ! Im in the process of fixing up and "Tuning" my car. Its a 2010 Buick Lacrosse and Ive been trying to find Performance Intakes, both cold and short rams. But to no avail.. Can anyone recommend me to Short and cold intakes from other cars that could potentially fit on a 2010 lacrosse? Or does Buick not make ANY after market intakes for Buick Lacrosse of 2010? Im trying my best to not buy a universal intake.. Those look disgusting.


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Are you actually tuning? You won't see much benefit unless you allow the ECU to take full advantage of the increased air flow.

Assuming you have the 3.6L LLT V6, you could check engine layouts for the same engine in other GM cars to verify the air box is similar, then find a CAI intended for that other year/make car?

I wouldn't bother tuning the lesser engine options for that year LaCrosse.

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You might look into a slightly larger throttle body. I went from an 80MM to 84.5MM on my other car and it’s noticeable but not neck snapping increase, both street and track OEM settings unchanged. If too large on TB the motor will run too lean, example is such as a 90MM is too oversized without tune and injector change. It also has front grill direct intake and K&N filter never hurts. Manifolds used to be polished and ported the interior for smoother airflow, not sure with the composite manifolds if worth it. How to Port & Polish an Intake Manifold

Would be similar to installing a larger carb or multiple in the old days. Same difference with too much fuel or air; they’d run worse without other changes.
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