Common bolt thread, sizes for Regal 97


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I need to buy a set of different bolts (1 of each commonly used bolt in this car enough) for Regal LS 1997 V6 series, had to give the car to mechanics shop and they lost a bunch of bolts in engine compartment.

What are common bolt threadings and sizes used in GM cars of 1997 year?
Is there inexpensive bolt set that was usefull for you for GM car?

I bought Nut And Bolt Assortment, 240 Pc from Harbor Freight - even when bolt diameter fits, it doesn't go inside for more than 1 turn (with hand, e.g. couldn't match a bolt for battery holder - already got it by part #, this is just for example) . I suspect this is b/c of different threading step, but I don't know pretty much anything about bolt common threadings and sizes. By now could not fit any bolt from this set.

Found these bolt sets:
Dorman Body Retainer Tech Trays 030-726
K Tool Master Body Bolt Hex Nut Kits ABD7400
Are any of them usefull for this car?

Currently don't need specific/particular bolts, I just find them missing on ocasions when I work on the car.

Thank you!
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