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Every morning there’s condensation inside the tail lights of my new 2019 Encore. I’ve owned this vehicle for 4 months. The dealership said that the heat from braking should burn off the condensation and said that buick would only fix the problem if there was a large pool of water in the tail light. Doesn’t sound right. I’ve never seen condensation in anyones tail lights.

I’ve been getting low fuel warnings on my dash board even though I have half to a full tank of gas. The low fuel warnings come on randomly when I start my vehicle. If this information is erroneous, what else is my baby telling me thats incorrect? Are the numbers for my tire pressure right? Or my oil life percentage?

Apple car play doesn’t sync consistently, my music randomly turns on when synced on apple play, and my infotainment system screen blacked out during my drive. Dealer says the tech doesn’t show any problem codes.

Has this ever happen to anyone? What was your dealers response?

My hood popped up while driving on the freeway which was fixed by the dealership. That was a weird and scary experience but one glad this was something that was able to be addressed and repaired.

This seems like way too many problems for a brand new car with 5K miles on it.


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"Heat from braking should burn off the condensation" - Well that's a new one. Never heard that before. The brakes aren't close enough to burn off condensation inside the light housings. They are blowing smoke. That said I've had a few vehicles where condensation builds up inside the taillight housing, and headlight. But not until they are much older. It's caused by a bad seal where the housing mounts. It's very likely the gasket got pinched during assembly. I'd make them take the housings off and check them. At Buick's expense. If they don't cooperate call Buick customer service.

What does the dealer say about low fuel warnings? That's certainly a warranty issue. I've heard of this, but not on Encores and not on anything that relatively new.

Apple car play issue may due to incompatibility. Did you check the supported list of phones and iOS?


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Thank you for your reply Doc, I greatly appreciate it.

Every malfunction I’ve encountered with “Pickle Juice”, the new name I’ve given to my car (although it ought to be “Lemon Juice”), should be under warranty and resolvable.

I think what dealer service man meant was that the tail lights should heat up when I brake during my drive. And that that heat should dry up the condensation. Still doesn’t sound right.

Dealer said they didn’t get any codes or bulletins and also couldn’t replicate the issues so the only thing they were able to take care of was the hood, which is a biggie.

I reset the pairing of my phone a couple times, bought a new usb, did all the updates and it’s working better now.

In the last 4 months that I owned Pickle Juice (still my baby) I’ve had:

-Erroneous low fuel alerts
-Condensation in tail lights
-infotainment screen blacked out while driving
-hood popped open on freeway
-problems with syncing to apple car play
-music plays on its own even though I didn’t turn it on, nor was any music app running in the background on my phone

Today while in reverse the guidelines disappeared while I was backing up. I know where the settings screen is and how to change the backup setting, but I never touched it and the reverse guidelines disappeared on their own.

I bought a new car so I wouldnt have to deal with car issues. Sigh... Never a dull moment and new surprises every day with my 2019 Encore.

Maybe go to a different dealership.
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Holy cow your dealer is horrible. In order for the tail lights to burn off moisture, it also assumes there is enough heat from the LED lights AND there is a seal leaking otherwise the moisture would never go away. It will either have vapor or water if the tail light is sealed tight as it's designed. I have had the blank screen while driving twice and could never repeat it so I didn't bother taking it in. Car Play can be troublesome if your phone is not up to date or compatible. I have an iPhone 8 that sometimes loses sync after a phone call but it's tolerable. It seems like most of what you mention is clearly a warranty item but finding a GM dealer that can actually fix it is another task. It's unbelievable how technicians these days only know how to check codes and lack basic trouble shooting skills. The tail light moisture and low fuel warning would make me start making daily calls to GM until this is fixed. Absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. I would start taking a lot of pictures to document this. Don't give up Miko.
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