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Last summer I had to replace my Water pump. Since then EVERYTHING has gone out on my car. I have replaced on Cat, my coolant reservoir and most recently my reservoir is leaking AGAIN and my check engine light came on for a cat....

Is this all normal wear an tear? Should my cats be going out? Is this a running issue with this year model? I can not keep coolant in my car. I HAVE noticed the use of oil... when I changed it last time it had very little in it. (Yes - I watch it now).

I'm looking for advice on the reservoir at this point. Anyone have any suggestions on where to look for the leak? The one was just replaced in March and now I am leaking somewhere. BUT has to be slow... cause I can fill it up and idle - no visible leaks.

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I had a coolant leak on my 07 Lacrosse. This was the part I needed. Screenshot_20180613-193538_Chrome.jpg
During the process, I learned that coolant is disastrous to engine components.
I think the total repair cost me in the neighborhood of $170
My mistakes I totally misread your question.
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I agree the system needs to be tested to get a proper diagnosis of the problem. You may want to just take it into a shop and pay for the diagnosis. As long as the car has never overheated, it should not be too bad. As far as the Catalytic converter, if you don't keep your plugs changed regularly (aka a tune up) it is known to destroy converters. I see it all the time. Manufacturers tell consumers to run 100,000 on a spark plug. It's fine if you don't mind buying coil packs and catalytic converters
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Several times with one car (not Buick) had head gaskets blow. One time could really smell coolant in the exhaust as it was leaking into one of the cylinders and radiator would pressurize with exhaust and coolant would be gone. Went to copper, metal head gaskets and torqued head bolts maybe another 20ftlb, problem solved. Hope your trouble is less work.
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