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Coolant leak on 2013 Buick Encore


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A very common problem is a leak that develops at the plastic piece where the overflow tube connects down by the engine. It's a simple fix. The part is about $5 at the dealer (OEM 55354565) and simply snaps in place. One thing to remember after removing the old piece is that you may need to pluck out the broken end of the old part from the opening to make room for the new piece to snap in place. You will lose a little coolant, a quart maybe, so have some on hand.


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Thanks for the advice, that will help others with the same problem! Plastic parts do not last very long in the engine cooling system! GM needs to get their act together and stop using plastic parts in the coolant system and go back to basic Engineering design, where they installed all metal/copper parts back in the good old days. If I were were in in charge of GM Engineering, I would have fired all those who came up with that stupid idea/design!
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