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Cruise Temporarily Unavailable - ??


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I was playing around today and found something fairly interesting....

We know that by toggling the cruise button (B) on and off, the adaptive cruise control turns on and off with each press. When active, the symbol and speed shows up in the area I circled in blue.

The owner's manual states to turn off the adaptive cruise control, you're supposed to press and hold the adaptive cruise control. Previous posts have confirmed nothing happens.

I tried it today but continued to hold the cancel button (A) for a long time. After about 20+ seconds, the adaptive cruise control symbol turned off in the DIC. From that point on, I was UNABLE TO REACTIVATE the ACC (as if the A and B buttons stopped working). It acted as if I disabled the ACC.

Unfortunately, no combination of button pressing would activate regular cruise control, leaving us without a solution. (Yes, anti-climactic indeed, but maybe someone can help solve from here?)

I'll continue to play around with different button combinations and report back if I find out anything new.

BTW - Once you go through an ignition on/off cycle, everything is reset back to normal.




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I have not been brave enough to try switching from ACC to regular CC as I’m happy with ACC.

That being said, who is brave enough to try switching while in Service Mode? (Car not running, foot OFF brake, press start/stop button for six or seven seconds). Of course the car could not be moving but who is brave enough to try it?

Not me. I’m chicken. <grin>

BTW: Has anytime asked Buick if there is a computer update (fix) for this?


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That might work, but when you start the motor it will probably reset back to ACC enabled.

It's possible that you can hold the B button after the message in the DIC says "ACC temporarily unavailable" and it might go into standard cruise mode.
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Thanks for all the input. Haven't had this happen again (yet). Will play around with cancel button - although I do like the ACC (first I've had), and have developed habits to use it successfully in many conditions.
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