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Diagnostics & connectivity update


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Cincinnati, OH
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2019 Regal GS
Received this text from the dealer I use for service. Sounds like it’s for the monthly emails with tire pressure, oil life, etc. I’ve had my car for about 15 months now so seems like strange timing. Haven’t had onstar since the free trial ended. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?

This is XXX from XXX BUICK GMC. There is an important update needed for your complimentary Vehicle Safety Diagnostics and Connectivity Services. Just press the blue OnStar button, and tell the advisor you’ve been offered the free “Wakeup Promotion” and would like to update and continue your FREE connected services for 5 more years. It simply allows you to receive critical information about your vehicle and keep you and your family safe. Thank you for being a loyal customer and have a blessed day!
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