Differential Problem $4000 later

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I had my AWD sign pop up AWD Off would take it into the garage or call and ask and they said don’t worry it will shut off after you go over 30kms now two years later and after my warranty ran out it’s costing me $4000 for a new differential. I love my encore but last year the turbo boost went and had to replace all the oil seals $2000 then another 1500 in January and now $4000 so $7500 for a single parent in the middle of a Pandemic, they sure don’t build cars to last. Can’t afford a new car because I can’t sell it like it is so I have to fix and pray nothing else goes wrong. I checked into vehicles before purchasing and Buick had good reviews. I have always serviced my Encore just feeling very upset with it now.


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Is it making any noise? Shouldn't cost that much unless you are bringing it to dealer. Local garage will install a used rear diff if that is the real problem for way less than that. Get a second opinion or have it all removed and go front wheel drive. Like I'm doing with my Trax @tm.

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Whoever buys your car will likely be buying a "sorted" one given you'll have replaced everything. Next car you buy, make it a used (so you're therefore then the smart one buying something already "sorted") vehicle equipped with a V6 or V8 (so it's inherently more durable) with a proven track record and actually made in Canada or USA (so that hopefully parts are more abundantly available and affordable, though these days there's no guarantees for either). For that $7500 you could have a very reliable vehicle, though what I consider fantastic as a daily driver may not be so favored by others. And if it uses more gas, for $7500 who cares? A good vehicle should only ever need oil changes, brake jobs, and the occasional transmission and other fluids serviced; it's just that such described vehicles tend to use a lot of gas. Less durable vehicles that use less gas often nickel and dime you in other ways, though this is all somewhat of a generalization. At any rate, when having work done it's best to know how to talk to mechanics and to go to them knowing what part you need and instructing them specifically with what you want done after having inquired the price for the work, rather than going in and saying "it's making a noise.. fix it please." I suppose something like Amsoil differential oil might get more life out of the diff; I would personally try it before replacement but it's not something the dealer would likely want to try, nor might some other mechanics.
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