Do you regret buying a LaCrosse vs SUV?


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"hill"... "ice"... lol Better stay in the south, you don't know how easy you got it. :p
HaHaHa!! LOL. I was at the bottom of the hill in the picture and it keep going with a few curves and gets a bit steeper the higher you go. Only me and a few other truck/SUV even made it up the road to the top. Most other cars just gave up and parked on the side of the road like the sliver Buick in the picture. A couple of brave or foolish drivers in cars was just slipping and sliding down the road in the opposite direction.

However, you are right that most of us Southerners do not handle icy roads well. Not at all.:)

I personally had no problem getting around, but it was funny watching most of the other drives slip and slide all over the damn road. Well, until one started sliding towards my Caddy.:eek:
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I find my LaCrosse fine. I installed a hitch kit, and can pull trailer if needed. mileage is crap when I am towing the trailer. And the rear seat comes down. So it's a plus. With the little one growing up, I may get an SUV. But will see.

So far I am happy with LaCrosse.

No reason for SUV for the need for cargo. Not yet anyway.


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I like the looks of the Enclave. I think I'd trade the LaCrosse for the height and looks of a new Enclave if the Enclave got anywhere near the mileage I get from the LaCrosse... (and if the wife would let me)


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I own both of these vehicles and they are fantastic. They are two different animals. You can do the same things with both. Both are comfortable, AWD, run great, fun to drive.
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