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door wont open


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Have you tried to unlock with the key? Likely not the issue but one item on my punch list.


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The left rear door on my 2001 Park Avenue would not unlock and open, despite trying the drivers door lock switch and the lock knob located next to the inside door handle. Someone (maybe here) suggested lubricating the door latch mechanism to free things up. I had to remove the lower part of the rear seat (easy), and the back of the rear seat. Once you do that, you can remove the inside door panel and see (sort of) the latch mechanism mounted inside the door at the rear. Use PB Blaster with applicator tube and give the latch mechanism a few shots from inside the door. You should be able to unlock and open the door after the lube soaks in for a few minutes. You can use WD-40, but the lubricating properties won't last too long and you'll be going through the same exercise in a month or less.


Have you tried to unlock with the key? Likely not the issue but one item on my punch list.
Yes I have to no avail lol. The lock seems jammed so I'm going to try the reply from bluiewest1. Thanks.


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Bluiewest1 is correct, but the rod can also pop out of the sliders inside the door. Even 1 portion out of the sliders will cause the rod to flex enough to not actuate the lock mechanism.
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