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Doors unlocking themselves


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1999 Buick Park Avenue

I have a buick park avenue 1999 base model that unlocks itself. I could be driving or not, and the car will unlock itself. All four doors, at once unlock.
And it's not just once, its random. It could be 4 or 5 times, up to 70 or 80 times, maybe more. It's as if someone is pressing the unlock button multiple times in a row.
And the timing is random. I could start driving and it will start right away, sometime before i start the car to driving 30 or 40 minutes later, and it will start.
Or i could not be in the car at all. Sometimes when i get home, park and lock the car, it's still doing it. I've gone back to the car 10 minutes later and it's still doing it. There are times that I drive, it doesn't do it once. There are more trips of it doing it, than not. Maybe 75/25%, the former being unlocking.
If it does it and i press the lock button, it will still open. If i manually close the lock, it will still do it. Having the AC or radio, on or off, or the windows/moonroof down or up, it will still do it. I've searched the internet for years, every once in a while checking to see if anyone else is having the same problem but gave up years ago and recently found this place, so i thought i'd ask. I received the car from a deceased distant family member about 10 years ago. I don't know if it was doing it before i got it but they took great care of it. It has about 176,000 miles now and i got it with under 70,000. Everything else in the car dealing with electricity, works fine. I've even driven without the remote, just the key and it still does it.

One of the motors wore out and starting making loud noises with every lock and unlock.
I don't leave anything valuable in the car as people have noticed and gone through my car.

If anyone has any insight or knowledge, please point me in the right way. I might just disconnect all 4 power locks and go manual.


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Regal GS 2017
You have had this problem for years and never took it to a shop to find out what the issue is?
Have you ever had the BCM scanned for codes?
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