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DRLs light strips are noticeably dimmer and yellowing


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It lights in the correct color (white) when the headlights are on. But when only in DRL mode these lights dim a bit and this faulty one turns yellow. Most modern light assemblies are non-repairable.

GM Service/Dealer said that the whole headlight unit should be changed and it can not be repaired.
It is a known issue. In the US at least BMW NA has a TSB (Tech. Service Bulletin) on this issue and how dealerships are to fix it. They note the whole headlight doesn't need to be replaced, but a part does that causes this.

Yellowing on BMW headlights can be fixed by cleaning the burnt marks on the DRL fiberoptic tube. BMW parts said the whole unit needs to be replaced (like most new cars) all about control and power.



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Unfortunately, Sheit happens when using foreign outsourced parts for assembly!:(