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Afternoon all.

I have an 09 Enclave with 125k miles and I am having an issue with the dual climate control. The driver's side is spitting out hot air when the system is set to A/C and the temp is all the way down. The passenger side is working just fine, unless the heat is blowing, then the passenger side blows much cooler air than the driver side, even with the temp turned all the way up on the passenger side.

I have read about a troubleshooting for the system where you pull the HVAC fuse for 10 seconds, reinstall it, then start the car and don't touch the climate controls for a minute. According to the troubleshoot, if that fixed the issue, then it was a blend actuator and if it didn't it was the control panel that needed replaced/fixed.

I'm a bit at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this issue and fix it.

I have recently disconnected the battery to replace a front HID headlight (what a PITA!). We have also had a known Enclave issue with the power steering assist fixed and I was wondering if that might have caused and issue-I read online how an AC line could be pinched with a rack and pinion replacement, I doubt that is what happened, but you never know.

Any suggestions, hints, tips? I'd rather do the repair myself if its feasible for me to d,o and if I can't, I want to know how to present the issue to a mechanic/dealer.

Thanks for your help!


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I wanna say the blend thing needs replaced or recalibrated also mine suffered from a bad lower line.

it's almost worth having the dealer diagnose the specific problems for 100-120$$ AC is crucial.

have you checked your drain plug as well ? If your passenger side skills water likely the tube is clogged. Pretty easy to do as well.
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