Dual Radiator Fan issue


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I have a 2010 LaCrosse with ~80k miles. Last week, I had a warning stating Parking Assist Disabled and the car would not accelerate at all with a check engine light. I let it sit for a minute then drove a a close gas station and noticed the coolant was low despite the temperature gauge never going over 40%. I added coolant and the same thing happened a week later. Car basically shut down and would not accelerate with the Parking Assist disabled warning the only warning. I checked the coolant and it was not low so I drove it home. I have noticed that only the drivers side of the dual radiator fan is coming on regardless of whether the AC is running. Should both sides be running? Would driving in th highway push enough air through that side to prevent overheating? I have an apointment with a trusted mechanic Thursday, I am just wondering if it is driveable if I monitor the coolant before and after a drive. I have checked the fuses and the relay. One side of the fan works fine.


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Sometimes only 1 fan works until a higher coolant temperature is reached.

Knowing which Check Engine OBD code it was/is would tell us exactly what the problem might be. :unsure:

Sounds like the car went into "limp Mode", but very little we could tell you otherwise,... because there is 100+ different reasons why this could of happened.

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Too, does the impeller spin freely? At least in the past could drive down road at a fair clip without fan working at all. Used to be a viscous fluid free wheeling/drive type mechanism.


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Fans are electric on modern cars haven't used clutch fans in many years. The first fan may come on at 215 and the second at 225.
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