eNav no longer works with Google Maps


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I just got my eNav to work on MapQuest. Never got to try it out with google maps. I am not sure I see the point of it here. After putting together a route from home to JFK Airport then to a resturant and return home. I thought it would be nice to select the route I wanted to take. I expected it to say okay and send the route. But when I got to send it to my OnStar it only wanted one of the destinations. At that point I might as well just push the OnStar button or program it in my Navigation system. I was totally disappointed when I finally got the thing to work. It only worked in my Google Chrome and not in my Internet Explorer.

Well anyway I know that later on when it comes time for me to renew my OnStar I will think long and hard on if I want turn by turn service. I know there are other aspects so I will weigh that in my decision.

The Navigation system in my car is very accurate as it is.
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