Encore rear brakes and transmission downshifting


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2017 Buick Encore Essence FWD. Rear brakes wore down metal to metal at 48,000 km ( 32,000miles). Dealer wanted to do a $100.00 brake cleaning job at 21,000 km (14,400 miles) because the car is driven in eastern Canada. Most of the driving is done on the open road as we do not live in Prince Edward Island's only 2 cities (very small ones). At 20,300 km (12,200 miles), the dealer applied the procedure outlined in a TSB and placed a cover on the grill. The TSB pertained to a different problem that never happened. A different situation occurred and I was advised by OnStar to go to a dealer as soon as possible. The dealer "fixed" a problem that did not exist and was not reported and seems to have created new problems. The infotainment system is the pits. The safety feature of the voice commands does not work properly and can be used manually while driving.
When the weather warmed up this past summer, the transmission started downshifting on the slightest incline or a puff of wind when in cruise control at 90 KM/HR (56 mph). I was told that this is common with the 1.4l engine. The problem is said to be in the turbo and GM has no fix for it. Seems strange that GM has been unable to come up with a fix as this engine has been around for a while. I am left with the impression that the 1.4l engine was not designed for Canadian winters or summers - spring and fall only
Has anyone out there in forum land found a fix for the quickly wearing brake rotors and pads and the warm weather downshifting?
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I just took my 2017 encore back to the dealer for the 3rd time for rear brake issues at 14000 miles. They attempted to adjust them twice the first time they were wearing a 1" strip in the middle of the rotor. Then after adjustment they wore on the inner 1" closer to the center of the hub. This time they finally put new rotor and pads!!! Voila full contact!! Yeah!! And the best part NO CHARGE !!!! So if your brakes are not functioning properly they should be fixed under warranty!!! They were very nice about it. I mentioned that with winters snowy icey roads on the way I needed brakes working properly and they agreed wholeheartedly.
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