Encore Sick!!


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2015 Buick Encore
Good Afternoon,
I thought I would share with you the goings on with my 2015 Buick Encore as of recent.
Over the weekend I had to have her jumped started, as the battery is 3 years old and after running her two days, on the third day I noticed a slow crank to start condition.
That, along with a very noticeable coolant smell, I had her towed to the dealer I purchased her from. That was on Monday.

Later Monday, I called the dealer to confirm she made it there, which she did. I was told that the battery needed to be replaced and they are replacing coolant lines as well. the coolant lines will be in next day.

Tuesday, I didnt get a call from the dealer, which is ok as Im not in any rush for her as I have alternate transportation and I didnt wanna be one of "those people" always calling and checking on their vehicle.

So, I called today and was told that along with the coolant lines, the tech also noticed the A/C compressor is leaking and will also need replacing.

Long story short, she should be ready for pickup today after the delaer gives her a used car detail bathing.

Total out of pocket expense...$0.00