Engine noises (89 Electra park avenue, 3800 V6)


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Made a post about this recently but since then I've gathered more of a description. Still clueless as to what it is but if anybody has any idea, any help would be greatly appreciated. It's a rattle/clattering noise coming from the engine. It sounds like its coming from the bottom end of the engine. I checked all the components on the belt, and all good there. It happens at idle, driving at lower speeds, in neutral and reverse too. It doesn't happen when it's cold, for example if it sits overnight. But when it's warmed up it starts again. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I love my car and can't afford to have her break down right now. Thanks buick community!


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Have you done anything from your previous posts? Sounds like it's coming from the bottom isn't much more to go on as a 19 second video of nothing.


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You were given suggestions in the other thread below, why start another one when you never answered the suggestions and you never checked why the CEL is on using the jumper method.

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If I had no indication of it clearly being something else I would immediately cut the exhaust line before the cat, let it run, and see what happens. If it's this and a block is no longer present, the noise should go away (though of course it will run louder with no exhaust). If it's not this and the noise is still present (and perhaps even more pronounced with no exhaust), I would weld or have it welded up (or clamp if no other option). Hopefully would cost not much more than $20 cash to have it welded back up but I would call around. Only suggesting this because this issue can easily be overlooked yet cause terrible damage if not addressed and further it's relatively cheap and easy to do; am hoping for you it's not a more internal issue with the motor. It sounds like a piece of material could be rattling around the cat in your video, but that noise could be anything. If it is this you will need a new cat and muffler; as always, Magnaflow recommended for its price, being stainless steel, as well as being domestically manufactured. It also has no restriction so any shit will just blow out rather than get stuck in the muffler. Might be an idea to make a better longer video with actual visual while you move around the top and underneath the motor. Unfortunately though it will be difficult if not impossible for us or anyone to isolate a noise from a video.
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