Engine stopping at stop signs (not auto stop)


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I have a 2016 Envision my wife drives and I had to recently replace the battery. She states that the last two days of several ocasions to and from work at a stop sign that the motor quits and she has to put the car in park and restart the engine. She did not note if the tach was pointing at the autostart spot but regardless it doesn't auto start and has to put in park. I have a battery tester and it checks fine. I used my DMM to check voltage at the battery when idling and it was 13.85v. I tried to duplicate it this afternoon but it always auto started about 10 time in a row. I put a cheap code reader on and it didn't find any codes thrown. When I search of course I find a million discussions on the real auto start feature but not having any luck. The voltage in the dash after the auto start starts out about 10v but goes up over 14v so I believe the alternator is working. From other messages read here the auto stop/start gets disabled by the ecm if the battery is low. Kind of puzzled here. Any Ideas on where to start?


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If you are running the AC or the heat it won’t always stop if it needs to stay running to maintain the climate setting.
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