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Entry/Ghost lighting on 2014 LaCrosse? Appeared then disappeared.


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So I've had my 2014 LaCrosse for a couple days now, and have been fairly confused by a couple things. One of them is that the first night I had the car, I was showing it off to someone and when I unlocked it and approached, a set of entry lights appeared to come on illuminating the ground beneath both front doors and inside the door handles, apparently from LED's underneath the mirrors and inside the handle cups.

Last night, I was trying to replicate this effect and ... it just didn't happen. Nothing I could do, no combination of settings and keypresses on my remote, would turn on these lights. Does anyone have an idea what's going on here? I can't see anything in the manual.

Chris Heinen

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Rich B.

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Roger that on the lighting, think Chris has the best answer. Only thing I can think of is photo eye overide; may only work in pitch dark conditions or other?

Never noticed that the car had the feature the few times we've made entry from an over dark parking lot. Will look right now......

With remote have head lights, interior lights, mirror turn signal lighting and probably tail lights activate, horn beep and what else? With door button entry just interior illumination, no door pocket light showing. No wonder battery problems are a sure thing lmao. But too ours is a '16, always have used direct entry too.

Tried remote start once via On Star. Yup, works great with garage door still down even.
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