Exhaust Problem 1968 Electra


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I have a 1968 Buick Electra with a fairly new exhaust system. After 20 minutes of driving the inside of the car as well as my hair and clothing smells of exhaust smoke. I also get a bit of a headache. I’ve taken the car to several mechanics and they can’t find any major exhaust leaks. There is a pinhole leak in the lower manifold where a heat riser for the choke is located, but they all seem to agree that wouldn’t cause the smell inside the car. The belief seems to be the car is running too rich. Perhaps? But wouldn’t I smell it outside the car rather than inside the car? What’s going on and is this dangerous to drive?


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why wouldnt the pinhole leak cause the issue? You have multiple openings in the firewall for electrical connections and vacuum connections and I'm sure after all these years they arent sealing too well. Did you have the problem before the new exhaust? Did you go back to the shop that installed it? Why cannt the hole be welded closed? When is the last time the car had a tuneup including adjusting the carburetor mixture screws?
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