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External arcing at spark plug boot- base of coil pack


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Just replaced the coolant hoses on a 2006 3800 engine. I had to remove two bolts holding the coil pack plate and set the assembly aside temporarily to access hose. Put it back in place and now have rough running and a visible and audible small spark at base of # 1 rubber plug and the base- it's externally arcing to a small bolt. Enlarge the pic and you can see it. Check engine light is now on. Obviously I loosened something there- tried pushing the rubber boot hard, but still the same. What did I loosen or upset to cause it? You can see the small spark just above the #1 cap base and that small bolt. How to fix?


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When you removed that boot did you twist it side to side before pulling or just pulled on it?
If you just pulled on it you may have broken the wire connection inside the boot.
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