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Finally got my Splash Guards (mud flaps) installed on my SportBack


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Now if I can figure out how to hack it and put it on the wagon. 🤭

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For anyone wanting splash guards for the Regal GS Sportback I think these are what you need.

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From what I can tell the GS has the same body kit as the RSV Commodore. Holden don't sell a splash guard for the RSV, only for the models without the body kit. I bought a set of these and they fit very well and look great.

Regarding the concern about the splash guards wearing through the paint and causing rust. I have a 2003 Australian built VY Commodore which has done 410,000 km (255,000 miles) with the same style of splash guards and there's no noticeable damage to the paint. I did consider putting strips of 3M clear protector on the areas where the splash guards contact the body work but based on the experience with my VY Commodore I didn't bother.
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