Floor lights stay on in my 1996 Regal, occastinaly flickers with door locking issue.

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Well sorry to keep having to bug people about this old thing, but I'm just kind of at my wits end trying to find the issue here.

As the title says the floor lights on my '96 Buick Regal stay on while my car is in gear and in motion. They'll occasionally flicker when I tap the brakes or hit a bump in the road. I was also having issues with the power door locks trying to re-lock themselves when ever I hit a bump in the road or when I would tap the brakes. Which suggest whatever issue is causing this is on the same circuit.

If nothing else, does anyone know what component is responsible for turning interior courtesy lights on or off when the car is in motion? The only thing I have is your basic Haynes manual for this model of Buick, and I can't really tell much from that. And if anyone has some better wiring diagrams or a factory service manual, that would be helpful too.
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