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Front struts


What replacement struts did I put on 2000 Ultra? If I buy aftermarket loaded, the spring rate will probably be for standard suspension, not heavier rate springs that are on Ultra. Any info???
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I bought a pair of the Monroe Quick Struts off of Amazon, I think around $135 ea, I installed a couple of weeks ago in the driveway. They work fine, car sat a tad high for around a week and is now settling down. I also replaced the rear air shocks, went Monroe there too, I think around $75 for the pair, easy to install, and hooked right up to the factory air line. Local shop wanted around $1800 for the parts and labor, using Monroe components, probably the same ones I installed for what, a day of my time and roughly $350? Same with the brakes, went ACDelco Gold, pads and rotors, Maybe $240 for everything, front and rear, very easy install. Shop wanted $1000+...

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I rented the spring compressor from Auto Zone and changed my front struts once. Wanted to keep my original springs and save a little money. Outside alone in the July heat trying to muscle the spring compressor on and off with hand tools and without a vise and then install the struts was no picnic in Spring. The job took too long and I was regretting every minute of it. There was no pay off in ride, handling or longevity, struts still crapped out at 40,000 miles.
It's July eve and I have Monroe quik struts, that I have used before, that I will install on a less hot day. The issue with strut installs is the way the strut is bolted down in the tower that can lead to bearing failure. YouTube videos are some what misleading and are counter to what Monroe advises.
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