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Frustrated with car.


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2018-2019 Encores we have two
My wife and I have Encores hers is a 2018 mine 2019. Well in mine I have a horrible wind noise coming from the drivers side door just about where the little window is but not the window I checked it. It’s coming through the door they have adjusted the door and it’s still there and annoying also both of my tail lamps have lots of moisture in them everyday. This car has 500 miles on it and is a month old . My wife’s car has no wind noise or moisture in the tail lamps does anyone have this issue? Get frustrated since they replaced the lamps once already. The second set do the same thing and I’m not accepting it’s normal.


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Another example of "outsourced parts" that fail sooner than later! Back to the dealer again & again until the warranty runs out. Good luck!!


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That's a new one. Leave it at the dealer and make them fix it. Work a deal with them on another one if they can't fix it. If they are not cooperative talk to the Buick/GM regional rep.

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Agreed. Most of the cars parts are outsourced. I would keeping fighting till it gets fixed properly or like said in previous post. Complain to GM till they get tired of it and give you something better
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