gearbox no reverse on buick riviera 1979


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buick riviera 79
hello I am thinking of buying a Buick Riviera from 1979, the forward gears work well but not the reverse gear which does not work, the car has not been driven for 10 years, what do you think, sorry for my English I live in France


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Look at it this way; you’re not buying the car because there are no alternatives, you’re buying it because you want a 1979 Riv. As with all classic cars, this one needs some attention to be more “perfect.” Not being driven for 10 years would also entail a change of every fluid, belt and hose. Not to mention the engine seals and gaskets. I do not have any idea what classic American auto part availability is in France, so the first thing I’d do is either source the parts to fix it myself, if you have the skills, or become good friends with someone who can. Face it; you want to enjoy it, so it’s a requirement that it be fully functional. There’s nothing worse than having a unique car that everyone wants to look at, or be seen in, and not being able to use it the way it was engineered.
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