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2019 Encore Essence AWD
The Email survey link said:
General Motors has an exciting opportunity for you to share your thoughts on some potential new features!

But when I took the survey, after asking my date of birth, income, and if I worked in one of a list of fields, I was told Thank You, and the survey closed.

I was looking forward to offering my thoughts, such as bringing back the direct injection engine on the Encore, and making it standard (I have it on my Encore). I might have also suggested they bring back the yellow paint that was offered in the 1960s. Squaring the rear end and enlarging the back windows for more cargo area and better visibility also comes to mind.

Was I too old? I have a decent income, and an even better net worth (which they did not ask). I'm retired now, but Water & Wastewater Laboratory Technician and part-time library worker were not on the list of occupations.

Here I was prepared to spend 10 minutes on this survey, only to be rejected after about 30 seconds.


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If the email was legitimate the entire address can be viewed using the Details function that are in most email providers. I've seen some very good illegal emails, one was from a bank and honestly it was probably one of the best ones I've seen except for a minor flaw it came through my company email for a local bank in St. Louis where my company had the service provider.
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