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GS brakes

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2018 Regal Sportback GS
Hey all, I own a 2018 GS and love it. My 4th Buick. However, I want to put caliper covers on the rears so it matches those daunting red brembos on the front. Carid.com makes covers for every model except for the GS. I think it's because the front brakes are different from the rear. I called them and they said they would just sell me a set of two for the rears but they needed to know which model. So my question is, "Are the rear brakes the same as the standard sportback Preferred ii?


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2018 Buick Regal GS, 2014 Regal GS
I just ordered a brand new set of rear calipers for my GS. ill be having the new ones powder coated. the company doing to powder coat wont do used calipers. they said its impossible to get all the fluid out and its gets everywhere during the baking process. after i get em powder coated, ill have one of my tech s put em on for me. i feel like its the easiest and best rout.
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