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Has Anyone Studied the Undercoating on These Cars?


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At time of purchase, I asked the dealer to put my ‘19 TourX on the lift so I could see what kind of undercoating the factory does. I live in the Chicago area, so winter salting is a concern.

Interestingly, the wheel wells are a fiber type material, so probably no rust worries there. Anyone know what these panels are made of?

The floor pans seem to have some sort of thick coating.... not your typical black Ziebart type stuff, but perhaps a baked/dipped coating. It has a rough, Ziebart/Rhinolining type texture.

Then there are these yellow stripes of some liquidy, sticky stuff. Anyone know what this is?

Even with whatever the yellow stuff is, looks like many areas up in the crevices are missed. So perhaps some Ziebart should be filled in there, or even just annual Fluid Film type oil treatments would be a good supplement?

Anyone else consider this? See my pix for illustration....



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I noticed the doors have weeping holes at the bottom and see a little bit of grease coming out of them. So I assume they filled doors with something to help slow down the rust.


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I recall I posted all sorts of Pic's of the underside of the TourX in one of the posts, but was too lazy to look for them myself. Basically all I felt i had to do was cover up the holidays the robots missed rust protecting the car, like a few spots here & there especially in the rear suspension, etc. Just used 2 cans of Rust-Oleum and 2-3 cans of Fluid Film. Opel did a good job initally protecting the TourX undersides.
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