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Has your 8" media screen ever gone out?


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Buick Encore
Has this ever happened to you? We were in the 2019 Encore (a month old) after it was sitting outside for about an hour. When I got in, I noticed the sun perfectly shining down on the media screen. Started it and screen didn't light up, no radio, nothing. Tried several things. After 10 min of driving, I pressed screen and could hear the beeps of the pre-set buttons, but still black. 5 min later the radio played but screen still black. Went into store for 20 min, parked in shade, came out and it worked fine. Guessing the sun's heat knocked it out. Called dealership. They said not to bring it in as it's working again. They said it's happened before. Really? Has anyone had it happen? I blame the design of the screen that is slightly tilted up toward the roof. Perfect angle for sun to heat it up in the right conditions. Called Buick too, they took a report but said they couldn't comment because they haven't seen the vehicle. Ugh. Dealer didn't want to see it. We bought a windshield sun screen to use when it's needed now.
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