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Headliner for 92 Riv

Max Blast

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1992 Riv
Hi - how does one remove the headliner from a 7th gen riviera? It's a '92 without a sunroof.

It doesn't seem to me that it'll slide out the driver or passenger doors once it's removed - so I thought I'd ask before trying to remove it. The fabric has deteriorated and sags, so a full scrape and material replacement is in order. I've done a few of these on other cars where it seemed much more obvious how the headliner biscuit has to come out of the car to work on it.


Regal LTD Coupe

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1993 Buick Regal Limited coupe 3800 (1991 Cadillac Fleetwood coupe 4.9 & 1990 Lincoln LSC SE 5.0 HO)
I believe at the factory it was done though the windshield opening before it was installed. Some people even cut the headliner board in half and put the rear and front in separately. Perhaps you have figured it out by now.
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