Hello All!! $100 Off all tuning software :) 2.4L and 2.0T engines

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Hey guys (and maybe a couple gals?) Just wanted to pop in and say hello! WE are having tuing sales on all the forums, so I wanted to offer one here for you as well!

Update: I have 2 local vehicles for the Downpipe and Intercooler upgrade, I know its been a while and we have been busy on other projects but is there still any interest on this?

For tuning discounts please use coupon code: 100offtuning on our website: http://www.kpe-products.com/product-category/buick-regal-performance/

Hope everyone is well!! and Happy New Year :)


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Hey guys, does IPF have a TCU tune? the ECU tune is really awesome and wouldn't mind a TCU tune. I see there is an option in the software, but not sure if there is one yet for a 14' Regal GS. I don't see any reference to it so thought i'd ask. thanks!
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