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Help! 2017 Enclave Daylight Running Lights Won't Turn On Passenger Side


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I am new to the forum, I apologise if there is another thread about this same issue, but on my 2017 Enclave the daylight running LED's won't come on in the Passenger Side. I have the articulating headlights and the mechanic that I use and trust said that there isn't a way to repair or service any of the parts in the headlight assembly. He says he checked the relay and fuses and thinks that one of the LEDs is dead and causing the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem or heard of a part or a way to service the LEDs without replacing the entire 1300 headlight assembly?

Thanks for any help or input that you can give.

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Here is some light reading...
Your tech is right. They are not serviceable. I can confirm since I have the same issue on my 2014. I actually bought a busted light assy on ebay to try and diagnose. Unless you can get to the component through the access hole where the HID bulb is or it can be removed without going in (like ballasts and light controls), you are not going to be able to swap anything. I see people selling the full motor assy on ebay but unless you destroy the light housing, I am not sure how you could physically get that part in.

My LED DRL will not come on at all on the passenger side, day or night. Drivers side still works day and night. I checked the fuse, it was blown but the only thing I noticed was that when it was removed, the drivers side wouldn't be on during the day but come on at night or switching the lights on manually. The fuse seems to be more for the daylight sensor. The fuse and relay should be good if just one side is working, there are not independent fuses/relays for each side.

As for the LED circuit, I tore apart the light assy I bought. Unfortunately the flex cable that makes up the LED strip is paper thin garbage so it was damaged. I was not able to get mine working but the only replaceable component in line with the LED wiring seems to be GM Control Module PN 22853757. You can get to it by removing the passenger front wheel, removing enough screws and clips to open up the front portion of the inner fender and then bending it out of the way. You can then access the bottom of the light assy. Otherwise you are removing the full bumper. What I mentioned before really only takes about 10 minutes and can be accomplished with a jack, jackstand, flat blade screwdriver (or trim puller) and a torx driver. The same torx driver used on the inner fender screws can be used to remove the 3 screws holding the module, then you need to tug gently out since it has a gasket around it. Be careful not to pull too hard or you might pull the next connector out of the LED assy. As I have noted, that assy is very fragile and I suspect that the issue in mine is that the connector pad has come up slightly from the cable assy. I will attempt to solder this once it is warmer out but the only way to get at it will be to remove the bumper and pull the full light assy out.

You can see the thread over on another Enclave forum here but no one else seems to be trying to troubleshoot. https://www.buickforums.com/threads/2017-enclave-headlight.23128/#post-247965

See my pictures attached that show the module I removed but it still did not fix the issue (might help you though). Another shows it mid-install along with another connector that is un-plugged - that wire goes to the board at the beginning of the LED circuit.
My module is definitely corroded, likely caused by the access hole cover not being replaced properly by the dealer when they replaced my HID bulb under warranty. I didn't realize the cap was off until trying to figure out this problem. It allowed water, dirt, salt etc to get into the light assy and settle down into the module.
Unfortunately, I am stuck in the same situation as you, looking at having to shell out nearly 1/13th of the current total value of the vehicle just to fix an ornamental LED DRL.

corroded module vs not.jpg installed module location.jpg module plugged in LED not plugged in.jpg wheel off inner fender back.jpg
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