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From what I've read some have had luck using the old USB Port w/SD Card Reader
while others needed to replace it.
I just went ahead and changed mine to avoid any trouble, it was only about $20 on Ebay.
I think the part number is 13519224?
I'm wondering if the people that didn't have problems by some chance had the Newer
USB Port installed at the factory when the cars were made?

Below is a Quote from the WAMS Website:
In addition to the HMI and proper mating Radio Module the only other thing you’ll need to get is a 2016+ USB hub (this does not need to be shipped in to us) that goes in your console to replace your non compatible older version. This is the USB module where you plug your devices into that has two ports and likely an SD Card reader these vary by console style. For most applications the part number for this unit is 13519224 and can be found many different places online including Amazon. The new USB hub does not have an SD Card reader and there are no compatible hubs for this upgrade that have the SD Card Reader unfortunately.

I see your dilemma now, the price has jumped from the $20 I paid in May of 2020 to the
current rate of $50 - $85.95 on Ebay
Just found one on Amazon for $124.94, holy $hit!
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