Help Please !! 2006 Lucerne Needs a new Alternator NorthStar V-8


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Can anyone share any tips or tricks for removing and replacing the alternator on a 06 Lucerne with the NorthStar V8 it looks like a very serious project so if anyone has any info or has done one please let me know what is involved or estimated replacement cost at a shop any info someone can give would be a huge help thanks guys


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It's may be difficult job for a DIY, but can be done based on skillsets. Some additional searches may offer different methods on removing it, following the FSM to brute force, so it may be worth the time to look.

To get some idea what's involved here's some videos, one is decent and the other shows the parts removed along with the frustration

Here's the free Chilton manual posted on the forum.

The front end comes off fairly easy as it's mostly plastic clips very few bolts or screws to deal with. From that point on I haven't any experience as mine has the 3.8L so different engine bay layout.

There could be some instructions on the forum but can't recall it, maybe someone else on the forum may have addtional information.

Sorry no idea what a shop would be on this as it may be more on experience for lower price, but most have hourly rate books that they can estimate from.

Here's a forum post on the Northstar alternator R&R
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