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High pitch grinding noise

87 Black Beauty

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Ft Worth, TX
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87 Elantra Park Avenue
Ok I have an 87 Buick Electra Park Avenue
I all of a sudden have high pitch grinding noise. Symptoms; only during acceleration, burnt smell only once when I first heard it, smelled gas.
Just dropped tank for fuel pump when I believe it was vapor lock the whole time so maybe the reason for for gas smell.
Burn smell have no clue.
Now before all this I have smelled my antifreeze in the cabin is losing fluid prettyquicklyfor as Lil as I drive...
I love my black beauty it's supposed to be my everyday drive but might have to get another car for that.


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Oakland Gardens, N.Y.
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98 Riviera, 70 GS455 Stg1
No one will be able to tell you what this is over the internet. You have to do a minimum amount of investigation yourself. Localize where the noise is coming from. Open the hood with the engine running and listen carefully. Could be the drive belt(s). Could be the brakes or wheel bearings. Smelling burnt coolant in the passenger compartment could be heater core. Is the floor wet?
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